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Quantifiable Immortality


In this digital age of information, we have yet to conquer communication. While seeking reciprocation we are met with indignation. Even if only to market love, we find emptiness and provocation. So we boil our blood to feel alive, in lockstep together we stride. Together we fight. Together we take flight. Together we dive into our humanity to explore our sanity.

Do we really desire immortality? Have we already achieved it with technology? In our digital footprints in the sands of 1s and 0s, we are each other’s villains, we are each other’s heroes.

Who have we abandoned to become our own gods? The anti- Christ is anti- us, as life is anti- anonymous without cause. So long as we are an avatar, we reap what we sow, responsible for how far we drift apart to find our heart, alone in the dark flying solo.

Technology is not our enemy, but a tool for our legacy. Will we persist, or will we resist the lesson of our last impression? “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” is our small step for humanity. “I forgive you for not forgiving me.” is our giant leap into possibility.

We are the children of children with children, forever into infinity. And yet, our guilt is that we are lonely, constantly, and presumably even indivisibly within divinity. We are the stars in constellation, but lightyears apart, reaching for each other with gravity and light, until we ultimately go dark.

The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon will wait in silence, while our physical presence thrashes in violence. The dust that settles will remember our existence as long as it’s not disturbed. In this way I think the future is exactly what we deserve.

May we hold ourselves accountable so future generations can see, that our unseen metadata is our souls’ NFT. Our lies are crypto-currency. Our exchange rate is clemency. Whatever excuse we need to move goods and services is our economy.

It’s strange how thoughts seem to flow so smoothly when thinking about some things, and in crystal clear clarity we regard our emotions and our intent as sibling Earthlings. While communicating our thoughts aloud seems to only scratch the surface, may we realize that flow and clarity are illusions next to our actual purpose.

Now, as we try to reconcile the reality of our ways, as long as we remember each other, our mortality is kept at bay. Just try to live free and be happy, and I will remember you all as such, even if I am forgotten, I choose to love you all this much.

I choose to hear our voices in the ringing in my ears, as if the harmony of our souls could shatter reality into tears. We will leave our last impression in the quantifiable heat death of the Universe, from our thoughts, to our words, to our actions, reverse engineered into that final reading of our final verse.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

Aladdin Glasco is a loving father creating content focused on personal development and creativity.