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Let’s Play: Death Stranding (PS4), Testing & Decompressing


It’s almost been two months since my last stream, but I’ve finally returned. I hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy. My apologies for disappearing, but a part of my creative process is randomly starting over from almost scratch.

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Let’s Play: AutoHotkey (PC), My Streaming Automation


Streaming to multiple platforms (restreamin / miltistreaming) can be a lot of extra work compared to streaming on a single platform. So, I came up with some automation using AutoHotkey and other tools like Stream Deck, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT to streamline my back-end production process.

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Let’s Play: SnowRunner (PC), Let’s roll! (REPOST)


I watched some streamers playing the recently released SnowRunner not too long ago, and there was something about it that made me want to give it a try. The premise of the game is simple enough, drive a truck to make deliveries, explore, or recover other vehicles in extreme environments. Yet, there’s something oddly mesmerizing about the struggle to complete these straight forward tasks.

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