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Poetic Review: The Will to Change


The Will To Change by Bell Hooks explains how brothers and father are trained. From sacrifice to rage, men are born in a cage of self-oppression, emotional castration, and smothered light. The collateral damage to friends and family gives advantage to manipulation and exploitation, out of sight.

While the living grief of our sisters and mothers is muted by the pressure of control and domination. This counterfeit safety based on anger and separation can only be healed by therapy and self-reflection, not fight or flight.

Through the noise of our strengths and weaknesses with toys we should rather see our equality as girls and boys. Then as we grow we live where we sow our strengths in sync with our collective might.

Then there is sex, as if it lives in our chest, pumping blood through our veins, lest we die. The spoiler here is that orgasms are tears from the joy and happiness of love through full body crying.

The gap between us is collapsed as we must see us exactly as we are: we are children of creation as varied in composition and formation as planets, moons, and stars. The order of gravity is not isolation, but the forces of momentum and attraction, only addition and multiplication, never division, cancelation, or subtraction into parts.

So please consider this book, if not for yourself, for those who look up to your mind and heart.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

Aladdin Glasco is a loving father creating content focused on personal development and creativity.