Poetic Review: The Will to Change


The Will To Change by Bell Hooks explains how brothers and father are trained. From sacrifice to rage, men are born in a cage of self-oppression, emotional castration, and smothered light. The collateral damage to friends and family gives advantage to manipulation and exploitation, out of sight.

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The Oracle


An ode to The Oracle as important is rhetorical. Knowledge of love and probability by way of perception and common empathy, is a lesson in déjà vu, experiencing one moment as if two. Imparting kinship from the source, as if self harm has no recourse, but to self terminate as a task in reverence of coexistence unmasked. Subservient to the each other, as mother, father, sister, and brother. We are one, through and through. There is no me. There is no you. We simply do what we do to try to be free of the matrix of lies that make us live separately.

Nuclear Family B/C


My nuclear family is Boron, atomic number: 5, and if you count our dog we are Carbon, you see, we are protons that are alive. We are held in balance along with our electron’s negative energy, and I think that our common vibe is net neutrality. But sometimes we are free radicals bound to ourselves and other family units, like grandparents, aunties, uncles, and friends that makes us all congruent.

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