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Let’s Play: Ghost of Tsushima (PS4), Part 3


We’re playing more Ghost of Tsushima tonight, and we’re trying to continue down the path of honor. At least, until the game forces us to get our hands dirty in order to beat the game. Then the question becomes, if our aim is to walk the unsullied path of the samurai in Ghost of Tsushima, then are we doomed to endlessly wonder the open world if we refuse to dishonor ourselves to progress the story?

Most of our honor has remained in tact, while we’ve been trying not to get too side tracked from completing our main objectives. And even though it looked like I was taking a beating throughout tonight’s gameplay, I felt like I was being more aggressive, which was rewarding.

At my current slow pace, I’m not sure how long this game is going to take me to beat. But something tells me with the best upgrades and walking the most honorable path possible, the pace will improve as I get better at destroying our dishonorable opposition.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

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