Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), Scaling Early Production


Now that we’ve got a foothold on early production output in Satisfactory, I think it’s time to start scaling what we’ve got. This will make it easier to fulfill orders and milestones, while prototyping factory layouts for future production networks.

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Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), New Power Supply


Here we go! After some preliminary testing it looks like just needed a new power supply for my computer restart issue to be resolved. I’m not sure what could have caused the issue to manifest, but I hope to get more than two and a half years out of my new GPU and power supply.

Also, in need of a new power supply, is my Satisfactory base from our last Satisfactory stream. And depending on how fast we can upgrade to coal power plants, we can really start to scale up production and expand.

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Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), Update 3


It has been a while since I’ve played Satisfactory, and since then there’s been two updates to the game, which is still in early access. So while I try to decide on what game that I want to play next week, I figured that I pop in and see what’s new. The only thing is that it’s not always that easy to pop out of a game like this once I get going.

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