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Let’s Play: Death Stranding (PS4), Testing & Decompressing


It’s almost been two months since my last stream, but I’ve finally returned. I hope everyone is doing well, and staying healthy. My apologies for disappearing, but a part of my creative process is randomly starting over from almost scratch.

For whatever reason, I decided to do a full tear down of my stream in May. Every source, scene, and hotkey was deleted in OBS. Every action and multi action was reconfigured on my Stream Decks. Then, in the middle of rebuilding everything, I threw some AutoHotkey automation into the mix. Today I’m finally testing things out.

With everything that’s happened around the world and locally since May, I’ve been wanting to play a game that would allow me to relax and decompress. So tonight I’ll be going for a stroll in Death Stranding, while testing to see if my stream runs smoothly. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding for whenever I hit my creative reset button.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

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