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My Rideshare Specs

For anyone interested in the specifications of my rideshare equipment and supplies, I created this list using Amazon Affiliate links for your reference and to help support me and my community. If you are interested in driving for UBER or LYFT you can also show your support by using my invite codes when you sign up. My UBER Invite Code is ALADDING19UE. My LYFT Invite Code is ALADDIN33974.

Honda Accord (2012)

Seat Covers: FH Group Waterproof Seat Covers
Floor Mats: Motor Trend Heavy Duty Floor Mats
Dashcam: KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dashcam
Dashcam Memory: SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD
Phone Mount: Bestrix Universal CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount
Dashcam/Phone Charger: Eleckey USB Type C Charger Kit
Power Adapter: MoKo 150W Car Power Inverter
Multi-Phone Adapter: IVVO Multi Charging Cable 2 Pack (x2)
3.5mm AUX Bluetooth Receiver: Paplio Handsfree Bluetooth Receiver
3.5mm Splitter: Generic 3.5mm Splitter
Ground Loop Isolator: Mpow 3.5mm Ground Loop Noise Isolator

Passenger Accomodation

Car Sickness Bags: Medline Emesis Bags
Water: Generic Water
Trash Bin: Fochutech Cup Trash Bin (x3)
Seat Storage: Lusso Gear Seat Back Protectors
Hand Sanitizer: Purell Hand Sanitizer
Wet Wipes: Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes
Cough Drops: HALLS Honey Lemon Cough Drops
Bubble Gum: Wrigley Winterfresh Bubble Gum
Hand Lotion: CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Tissues: Kleenex Pocket Pack Tissues
First Aid: Flex Fabric Band-aids
Upset Stomach Aid: Pepto Bismol

Other Equipment & Supplies

Screen Wipes: Armor All Tech & Screen Wipes
Head Lamp: Lighting Ever LED Headlamp
Odor Removing Spray: Big Green Aerial Tonic
Pepper Gel: SABRE Red Pepper Gel
Hub Caps: Honda 16″ Wheel Cover (x4)
UBER Sign: MVG LED UBER Sign (x2)
LYFT Sign: MVG LED LYFT Sign (x2)
LED Backlight Kit: eTopxizu PCB Backlight Kit (x2)
USB Switch: Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
USB Splitter: Onvian USB Splitter (x3)
USB Extension Cables: Sabrent 6ft USB 2.0 Cable (for Dashcam),
Sabrent 3ft USB 2.0 Cable (x3 for LED signs & backlight)
Vacuum: Armor All 2HP Wet/Dry Vacuum
Cable Lock: Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock (for Vacuum)
Gloves: Nitrile XL Exam Gloves
Face Masks: FWPP Surgical Face Masks
Glass Cleaner: Windex Original Glass Cleaner
Paper Towels: Generic Paper Towels
Disinfectant Spray: Professional Lysol Disinfectant Spray
Cleaning Wipes: Armor All Protectant & Cleaning Wipes
Car Care: Meguiar’s Essentials Kit