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Promoting Healthy Gaming

To help promote a healthy lifestyle and community, I like to stream a fitness routine before my main broadcasts, and I call this #PreGaming. I normally share the workout material that I’m using on my social media by 4pm ET. Then after #PreGaming for about an hour, I return around 9pm ET for my main broadcast.

Most of the health and fitness material that I use for #PreGaming comes from DAREBEE.com. I love that DAREBEE is a free, non-profit, ad-free, and product placement resource for various health and fitness levels. The DAREBEE community is managed by volunteers and entirely funded by voluntary contributions. So I encourage anyone interested in health and fitness to visit them, and consider supporting DAREBEE if you like what you find.

Also note that it is important to consult your physician or health care provider before following any dietary or exercise advice from me or anyone else. The information that I share is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice (also see DAREBEE Disclaimer).

My Favorite #PreGaming Workouts & Routines

With permission from the DAREBEE team, I have linked some of my favorite DAREBEE workouts for your reference. Good luck; have fun!