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Let’s Play: HITMAN 2 (PC) Part 2



Let’s continue playing HITMAN 2 to see if there’s anything new other than the polished graphics, controls and additional content. So far I haven’t noticed anything game changing, but that doesn’t mean I’m that I’m not being satisfied with a true sequel, if not a reinvented game. It should say a lot that I want every previous Hitman title remastered to HITMAN 2 standards.

This time around we got a taste of extra large mission (Three-Headed Serpent) with three different targets, three distinct areas, and many enemy types to strategize around. The challenge with these missions in the past is that they can get boring or extremely tedious, but HITMAN 2 was able to keep me interested in the unique setting, the characters in it, figuring out objective opportunities and the stories woven throughout all of it. I’m looking forward to more!

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