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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Day 2 of Ranked



It’s day two of playing ranked multiplayer in Rainbow Six Siege, and hopefully I’m over my initial jitters. After further review of my last ranked matches, whenever I won I only placed 4th & 5th while I placed 3rd both times I lost. So today I’ll try not to get carried as much, or choke when it counts the most.

So, yeah… I was thoroughly outplayed tonight! Although we were able to make it through the last six matches needed for rank placement — Bronze 1. If I played ranked the way I was playing the other day, maybe we could have place in low Silver.

Final Placement Matches:

  • 5) Lose 1-4, 5th on team (1575 points)
  • 6) Lose 3-5, 3rd on team (2422 points)
  • 7) Lose 1-4, 3rd on team (1522 points)
  • 8) Win 5-3, 5th on team (4860 points)
  • 9) Lose 3-5, 4th on team (2572 points)
  • 10) Lose 3-5, 5th on team (1845 points)

First Siege Ranked Multiplayer Placement

Now if placing in silver was my goal, at least I’m as close as I could get. So I shouldn’t feel too bad, but I can’t get over how bad I played tonight. Nevertheless, all I can do is keep playing to get better. Thanks for joining me!

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