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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Ranked Multiplayer



We just turned Level 20 in Rainbow Six Siege, so we might as well see what ranked multiplayer is like. If I don’t make it out alive, tell my family that I love them. LET’S GO!!

So our placement hasen’t been the worst, but we’ve been thoroughly out played for any rank higher than 3rd on my team for each match. My biggest fear was either playing too safe to the point of uselessness or trying to trust my aggression instincts and then getting shredded from all angles.

Luckily I found a sweet spot of responsible safe plays and collaborative aggression, but I believe my communication and map knowledge were what I lacked most. Unfortunately, communication and map knowledge go hand in hand, so my inexperience was compounded here, especially for attacking rounds.

I found that I did my best when I tried to shadow someone else’s push, or if me and a teammate leap frogged our vantage points until making contact. The best news is that I’m not as stress out as I thought I was going to be, and maybe it’s because I was solo queuing. Let’s hope for more good games for good placement in the future.

Placement Matches so far:

  • 1) Lose 4-5, 3rd on team (1975 points)
  • 2) Win 5-3, 5th on team (5295 points)
  • 3) Lose 1-4, 3rd on team (2103 points)
  • 4) Win 4-0, 4th on team (3715 points)

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