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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) You’ve Been Spotted



I’ve been having so much fun learning and playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege that we’re going to go ahead and close out this week with more. We’ll see how I feel about switching things up next week, or otherwise become one of those “variety” streamers that primarily plays Siege. I’m inclined to think the former, but we shall see.

So we made it through our first solid week of Rainbow Six Siege without too much trouble from learning the game and introducing myself to the Siege community. I’ve always been very self critical while playing shooters, and even more so with multiplayer games in general. Adding streaming to the mix for a game that requires the higher levels of commitment and intimacy as Siege was something that I was avoiding for a long time.

Even as small as I am as a streamer, the pressure to perform well, to stay alert for stream sniping, and avoid toxic parts of any new community can all add up to a very anxious experience while simply trying to enjoy a game. However, I believe that the satisfaction and enjoyment that can come from improving as a player, being an asset to those I play with, and having enjoyable exchanges with my community is worth it in the end. Thank you to anyone who helps make any part of my gaming experience a positive and enjoyable one!

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