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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Learning Curve Grind



We’re going to continue playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer tonight. I’m actually enjoying the grind and climb to get over the initial learning curve for the game. And luckily my general interaction with the community hasn’t spoiled any of the fun.

So we did some 1 vs 1 with our resident Rainbow Six Siege viewer (Wolf Killer), and learned a lot about some of the match ups and some handy map knowledge for the House map. While it was by no means a comprehensive crash course with ALL operators and ALL maps, I could see how my learning style and strategy are suited for this game.

I like to over analyze situations and I also like to experiment under the right conditions. So I can see where 1 vs 1 sessions can provide a lot of value to me. And even though it wasn’t as smooth of a transition back into multiplayer trying to use what I learned, I was still able to continue learning and most of all have fun.

More to come!

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