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Who is MrGlasco?

Hello, my name is Aladdin Glasco. I am a married father of three, exploring gaming and other personal interests. You can watch my LIVE broadcasts Monday through Thursday 9pm EST at (embedded above). You can also find news and updates about me, my LIVE broadcasts and other content through my Social Media.

My LIVE Broadcasting Schedule:

Monday - Thursday at 9pm EST
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Let’s Play: God of War (PS4) MORE Side Questing



Now that I’ve got the hang of competently handling Kratos again in God of War, hopefully I’ll have an easier time completing side quests and hunting valkyries. I also like how grumpy Kratos is back, since the side quest have little to do with Kratos warming up to Atreus.

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Let’s Play: God of War (PS4) Side Questing



It’s about time we jumped back into God of War on the PS4 and completed some side quests. Let’s just hope all my combat muscle memory hasn’t gone out the window after all this time.

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Let’s Play: Resident Evil 2, 1-Shot Demo (PC) *GULP*



So there’s this 1-Shot Demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake available between January 11-31. You’re given 30 minutes to complete this demo that’s been tuned to experience the feel of the reimagined Resident Evil 2. Well, here we go!

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