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Who is MrGlasco?

I'm a married father of three, creating content focused on gaming and self-improvement. You can watch my LIVE streams Monday - Thursday 9pm EDT at (embedded above). You can also find news and updates about me, my LIVE streams and other content on my Social Media.

My LIVE Broadcasting Schedule:

Monday - Thursday at 9pm EDT
#PreGaming Announced by 4pm EDT




Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), Battlecruiser Base – Part 2



Hopefully we can make better progress tonight on our Battlecruiser Base in Satisfactory. However, there’s always plenty to work on and optimize alongside this major project. So let’s get to it!

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Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), SCV good to go, sir!



After playing Satisfactory yesterday, my creative juices started flowing and now I have a better idea of what I want to build within the game — a Terran Battlecruiser! This projects going to take a lot of time and commitment, and even more raw materials, so hopefully I see this through until the end.

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Let’s Play: Satisfactory (PC), Back at it!



I haven’t played Satisfactory since the first major content update, so that’s what we’re going to explore tonight. I was considering starting a new game to start fresh, but then I remembered how the initial wait for materials and manufacturing on such a small scale was a pain. I think I’ll just keep working with what I got until a new patch or update breaks it.

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