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2021: A Mind Odyssey

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Ever since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020, many of us ended up with extra time on our hands while social distancing at home. One of the hobbies that I picked up during this time was meditation. Eventually, I ended up developing my own meditation technique innocently using audio-video neuromodulation, entrainment, hypnotic fractionation, and occasionally tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

More specifically, I use a combination of audio, video, and virtual reality (VR) during relaxed meditation to isolate, stimulate, and then explore parts of my mind that I’ve unlocked and expanded over time, optionally using THC edibles to assist me. Ultimately, my goal is to discover a modern path to spiritual enlightenment that focuses on accessibility for everyone.

“Ultimately, my goal is to discover a modern path to spiritual enlightenment that focuses on accessibility for everyone.”

During my meditation, I realized that self-awareness is our personal mind odyssey through life. The mental vessel that we are piloting on this mind odyssey is made of our understanding, our beliefs, and our desires. We just needed the current disruption to our “normal” lives, as unfortunate as the circumstances have been, to snap us out of the mentality of materialism and potentially into enlightenment. Materialism here being the economic consideration of material possessions and physical comfort being more important than spiritual values.

Thus, my meditation technique attempts to resist the external brainwashing of materialism with less coercive persuasion of my own design and curation. Then, as I continue to develop this method, I want to share my experience to hopefully inspire others to manifest their own mental vessels for potential enlightenment.

Where Do We Begin?

How can we even trust ourselves to influence our own enlightenment?

Aren’t we already indoctrinated materialists?

Well, regarding myself, I’m a solitary stay-at-home parent, having been out of the workforce for the past five and a half years, and I’ve always had reservations about materialism. So, I feel as far removed from the psychological bombardment of materialistic influence as a self-exiled monk. Regarding everyone else, I think that our time during this pandemic, going on a year and a half with no end in sight, is the disruption to normalcy that we needed to finally wake up.

Admittedly, I understand the skepticism of our brainwashing, and then using meditation, trance, and self hypnosis to combat it. But if you truly take notice of what this pandemic has disrupted around the world, it has disrupted our meditative approach to work, our trance-like commitment to materialism, and our self hypnotized acceptance of our fate and how we treat others.

So, enlightenment begins with self-reflection as soon as possible, especially while we’re focused on each other (for better or worse), and before the world’s industrial complexes reclaim our attention and their world dominance.

We’re Already Doing It

Meditation is already a part of our daily lives through habits and routines. Trance is already a part of our daily lives through workflow and self-indulgence. Self-hypnosis is already a part of our daily lives through our varied belief systems that fail to accept or unite all of us. While we may think that there is sentiment about the past, our past materialism is completely indifferent to whether we live or die. Thanks to algorithms and automation, if humanity went extinct tomorrow, the free market would simply trade downward infinitely and forever with respect to humanity.

As I type this, the market is currently “self-regulating” as a free market system normally does, with increasing disregard for public health and safety when backed into a corner. From COVID-19 deniers to vaccine science skeptics, to mask mandate resistance, our own self-preservation has become an opinion. The bottom line is that humanity will survive, and that the individuals who do survive will be richer for it. However, if I’m lucky enough to see the aftermath of this pandemic, I prefer to be richer in mind and spirit over being richer in material possessions and physical comfort.

In the past, we grew to idealize the state of flow, or “being in the zone,” as if this temporary state of tunnel vision was greater than any other state of mind. This is how we already meditate through our work into a trance. Yet, I believe that this state of mind can still exist in a less materialistic future, as we already experience flow through meditation, exercise, and creativity.

Materialism to Reconciliation

Materialism has even redefined the Information Age by assigning intrinsic value to all the information that we are communicating. Information has literally become our currency, from stock market trading to crypto currency, to knowing whether or not we can eat tomorrow morning. This evolved relationship that we have with information and speculation is how we submit to materialism.

Going forward, we could try changing our perspective from materialism to one of reconciliation. In a new age of reconciliation, we would use our capacity to reconcile the logistics of human survival and our greater wellbeing, as well as reconcile our past differences onward and infinitely into the future. Then considering anybody who desires the “old ways,” we would accommodate such hedonism the same way that we always have, through games, role play, and fiction.

Perhaps a Reconciliation Age can even coexist alongside the comfort of an Information Age, in symbiosis. While purely bringing things “back to normal” would actually skip the “normal,” and bring things into exponential optimization. This optimization would take the form of some social and economic reset, like the proposed Great Reset by the World Economic Forum, that’s more likely to rebuild society around the industries of forum leaders, instead of humanity. Going “back to normal” only strengthens our bonds to materialism, making our oppression resistant to future disruption, and at the continued cost of our freedom, health, and safety.

Accessible Enlightenment

So, how do we get this mind odyssey back on track?

In short, my bet is on enlightenment, and this whole message to you is my attempt to resonate with you outside of meditation, based on what I found inside of meditation. I believe that all of us can resonate with our deepest and most fundamental nature, and at that point we truly see each other as we see ourselves:

I am that I am.
I am you as you are you.
We are that we are.

I believe that our fundamental nature echoes back and forth through time, which originates from a divine or secular source of all knowable creation. Then by sharing our experience of this understanding, I believe that humanity can transcend fear and hate en masse, especially during this break in our ignorance.

While I don’t think my meditation practice is ideal for a lot of reasons, I believe that humanity is overdue for drastic measures to save ourselves from ourselves. Now, my hope is to continue refining my method for better accessibility and the continued pursuit of higher enlightenment. For example, I’m currently priming myself to study American Sign Language (ASL) to better articulate my understanding to Deaf, deaf, and hard-of-hearing people, and then to modify my current meditation technique accordingly.

Going forward, I will continue sharing my ideas and understanding in hopes of inspiring others to discuss and develop their own path to enlightenment. As I currently see it, my meditation technique is an extreme, and even dangerous last resort effort, to reach and spread enlightenment in the face of our own self-destruction.

Identify. Meditate. Resonate.

First, my meditation method identifies three areas of my fundamental nature — Mental, Spiritual, and Physical. Then I appeal to my nature through various mixed media, approaching sensory overload. This pointed attack on my senses, while in deep relaxation, forces my perception to find the harmony within the chaos. Some of the ways that I have resonated with my meditation have been: as the source of knowable creation, as our highest evolved singular self, and even as our mortality (as in, there’s actually nothing to fear).

While I was immediately compelled to retrace my steps as I found greater self-awareness, there’s plenty of uncertainty with what’s most important to help others find themselves. One thing that I am certain about is that this path is not for everyone. Our collective humanity may even be self-destructive in nature despite what I’ve found, or our nature may be to mindfully sit in appreciation and indifference with whatever unfolds. In either case, I will pay the price in karma as a zealot for promoting mass enlightenment for a brighter future.


The development of my personal meditation technique is ongoing, and currently as follows. I try to acknowledge the highest associated risks, but I think that these risks are within reason, given what’s at stake, and what could be gained. Nevertheless, caution against harm and liability is my due diligence.

Thus, all the information herein is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and should not be attempted. It should also be noted that ALL of this could end up playing into existing systems of order and control beyond our comprehension. So always be mindful to avoid potentially poisonous content, even from me if it seems poisonous enough for you. I believe that we all have our place in life, and a role to play, both in favor and against enlightenment.

My Personal Path: Identify

  1. Identifying and appealing to my mental nature:
  2. Identifying and appealing to my spiritual nature:
  3. Identifying and appealing to my physical nature:
    • Out of everything this is probably the most controversial element next to potential brainwashing. In order to focus more on the mind and spirit, I think traditional meditation and hypnosis use brute force to make our physical nature submit to discipline and deprivation. While I appreciate and respect traditional meditation and hypnosis, I also think that desperate times call for desperate measures.
    • The risks of overstimulation are not limited to substance abuse and porn addiction alongside substance dependence and obsession.
    • For me, effective substances and material has been through medically certified cannabis edibles ($20+), legal Delta-8 THC edibles via 3chi.com ($19.99+), not safe for work (NSFW) audio erotica via shibbydex.com (NSFW) (Free – $10/mo), and various NSFW audio/video erotica available on the internet (Free – Not Free).
      • 3chi-affiliate-bannerShibbydex.com (NSFW)
  4. Playing background music:
    • Even if I’m giving into one nature at a time, I always play meditation music, chanting, and/or tones in the background to help me be more receptive to resonating stimulation.
    • The risks of overstimulation are not limited to disorientation and hearing loss at certain frequencies and volumes.
    • For me, effective music has been 528Hz Om Chanting on YouTube (Free – $11.99/month Ad-free), and the Binaural Beats: Meditation playlist on Spotify (Free – $9.99/month Ad-free).

My Personal Path : Meditate

meditation mobius-chair-mark-1

Full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links with no additional cost to you, while offering me the opportunity to earn from qualifying purchases. Please do not spend or send funds outside of the scope of my pan handling for this cause, or beyond your ability to show support.

Ideally, this method evolves into something with zero to minimal cost. I’m just trying to be as thorough and transparent as possible with avenues for supporting the continued exploration and development of ideas like this.

My Personal Path : Resonate

It’s important to realize that the full force of this meditation method may be too much to handle at first. I worked my way up from background music over an audio book to my current limit of five or six layers of media with complimenting content, length, and pacing. For me, a large part of the experience is letting go of control, seeing where my attention drifts, and then reaching for what resonates beyond my perception.

The following audio samples are from the same meditation session, but differ greatly in harmony as they are separated by about an hour:

Example of Disorder

Notice the disorder of this first audio sample during the introduction of three separate tracks (The Book of Joy, Connect to HIGHER SELF, and Hi, I’m Shibby. (NSFW)) over a background track (528Hz Om Chanting).


Example of Harmony

Now notice the harmony of this second audio sample as His Holiness the Dalai Lama (read by Francois Chau) talks about tragedy from two different perspectives, while another track guides through two different breaths, and another track is in sync with two different om chants in the background.


Final Concerns

The most recently evolved and the most advanced part of the human brain is the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain has been studied to fully develop around the age of 25. As of typing this, I am 36 years old, so I cannot attest to the benefits or risks involved with exposing an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex to this kind of meditation.

Lastly, I think additional concern for this meditation method may come from similarities to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) experiments regarding mind control and manipulation. However, I dare to imply that their experimentation failed, because they ended up finding the same thing that I found — complete freedom and compassion. Still, there are public reports and records of the negative impact of CIA experiments on the mind, especially involving drugs and psychological abuse.

I don’t think there’s a perfect way of communicating a real path to I don’t think there’s a perfect way of communicating a real path to enlightenment, but I hope that the imperfect nature of this imperfect message resonates with your own imperfection. At the end of the day, this is all mad science exploring the limits of meditation and the imagination. Be safe, good luck, and have fun.

Example Resonance Playlists

Even if a lot of people don’t believe in this kind of enlightenment, I believe a lot can be learned about ourselves through this kind of playlist. Each of our own seemingly chaotic playlists could serve as a combination lock to empathize and understand each other better, as we resonate through similar curated experiences.


  • 6-7pm – Dinner
  • 8pm – 12.5mg to 25mg Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC with water
  • 8:30pm – Tea and fresh fruit while setting up meditation
  • 9pm/10pm – Start meditation…

Higher Self Playlist

The Book of Joy Playlist – Session 1

The Book of Joy Playlist – Session 2+

The Book of Joy Playlist – Session 3+

These are only a few playlists of many that continue to evolve in their composition and how I resonate with them through ongoing meditation. Please let me know if there is any interest in more playlists as I continue to try different things through trial and error.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

Aladdin Glasco is a married father of three, creating content focused on gaming and personal development. LIVE Mon. - Thur. 9pm ET

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