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Let’s Play: HITMAN 3 (PC), Contracts and More Misc.


Tonight, we’re playing more HITMAN 3, exploring contracts and maybe other game modes. Also, I’m only now realizing that virtual reality is currently only available on PlayStation VR. So between Epic Games store and PlayStation VR exclusivity, I really hope the HITMAN developers are going to put all that exclusivity cash towards some “epic” future content and PC-VR support. After all, if your a real fan of the HITMAN games, then you probably have the patience to wait a year. I’m kidding of course, exclusivity is annoying, and I wish I was playing HITMAN on Steam and in Steam VR today.

Tonight was another chill HITMAN stream, and we were able to complete a decent amount of custom contracts. We also played some of the Sniper Assassin game mode, which was a nice change of pace. However, I feel like our current stretch of HITMAN streams has come to an end. I will definitely jump back on with additional content, especially whenever virtual reality comes to PC, but for now I think it’s time to move on to another game.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

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