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Let’s Play: Cyberpunk 2077 (PC), Part 8


Tonight we’ve got a few vendettas to settle in Cyberpunk 2077. First there’s the Johnny Silverhand and Adam Smasher grudge rematch. There’s Hanako Arasaka and Kakemura against Yorinobu Arasaka and the Arasaka Corporation. Then whenever Judy Alvarez gives V a call, she’ll be out for scumbag blood. And finally, there’s the sleeping dragon that is artificial intelligence threatening humanity as a whole. It’s all about to hit the fan, and V is in the middle of it with his life on the line.

It looks like we’ve reached a point of no return in the main storyline. Now we’re in a mad dash to get through all of these side missions, in case we lose access to them permanently. There’s also the chance that having all of these side quests completed will help V down the road with his main storyline. There are hints that this is the case with dialogue references to what I’ve been doing, but nothing beyond that. However, side mission completion that influences the main story has been done as far back as Mass Effect (2007), so there’s no reason not to expect the same here.

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