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Let’s Play: Cyberpunk 2077 (PC), Part 7


Tonight we’re playing more Cyberpunk 2077, and heading back into Night City like it’s our job. We’ve got a lot of interesting storylines to explore, and lore to analyze. But the bottom line is still the same, we need to figure out how to save V so that he can get back to simping for Panam.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten addicted to the Cyberpunk’s photo mode, and look forward to finding interesting shots, even with the limited photo mode capabilities. Then there’s the 3D assets that I’ve been toying around with off stream. Just wait until you get a load of what else I’ve been experimenting with. ;3

Well, I think we’ve got a little identity crisis on our hands between V and Johnny starting to empathize with each other, Takemura and Hanako luring V into the middle of corpo espionage, and Johnny empathizing with rogue artificial intelligence. But when it comes down to the wire, I’m pretty confident that I know where V stands on most sides of these issues. Yet, I’m interested to see how the story will progress to make V’s stance more conflicted. This also goes for Judy, re-entering the picture who may end up falling for V, but here I believe V’s loyalty to Panam is unshakable.

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