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Let’s Play: The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PC) Episode 1



New mic, who dis? Clementine!? The Walking Dead: The Final Season!?!? We’ve come so far, not only with the story of this Telltale Games series, but also as a streamer.

The first of the series came out in April of 2012, over a year before I ever even considered streaming. So let’s finish strong, and continue living for our best life… for Lee.

Well that was a pretty slow start to the season. I have a feeling that we will get more back story between Clementine and AJ, but without it the story so far felt empty. I feel sorry for Clementine and her situation, and helpless to help her make “better” decisions when it is apparent that some questionable choices have already been made. For example (kind of a spoiler), whether or not to let AJ handle a gun seems like a pretty important decision that is taken out of our hands and revealed in the very first scene.

I wanted to like the newer open combat system as opposed to the quick time event only combat from previous games. However this only lets you start the quick time events on your own terms, and while you see the developers attempt variety, the overall experience is actually quite shallow. The same can be said for the newer collectibles aspect of the game for replayability, but the collectibles themselves feel like a missed opportunity for deeper story, context and lore.

Let’s just hope that the quality of the story for Clementine, and Lee Everett’s legacy, is worthy of the lasting impact they have had on us as players. Even if the delivery of the that story is done through sub par gameplay.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

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