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Dictation Experiment

By Aladdin Glasco October 2

It’s hard to write sometimes, so I tried some tools to help me. How do you get over writer’s block or accessibility issues when writing or communicating?

Ok. So, I am trying a little experiment, where I have recorded myself in Adobe Audition via Adobe Creative Cloud. At the same time I am using Microsoft Speech Recognition to dictate onto Microsoft Word. This Word document can then be transcribed onto audio or video as the subtitles or be made into a document in and of itself for my blog.

This is an attempt to try to figure out why I can’t write. I feel like I have things in my head that I want to publish within blog posts. I wish to communicate to others better but there’s something the blocking me. Whether it’s writer’s block at the keyboard or pen and paper. Something is stopping me.

It seems like there’s something happening during my traditional writing process that I hope this experiment can solve. I feel like I’m not the only one out there that experiences this kind of “accessibility” issue. As the speech recognition is in the Windows Accessibility tool set.

I’m not a very traditional learner and practitioner. I think that translates into my ability to produce content for people that can relate to me, or what I’m going through. So, that’s what this experiment is.

I’d like to share updates of this experiment on multiple platforms, incorporating video, audio and text for accessibility. Then we will see if I can keep refining this technique in such a way that I can share and communicate more fluidly. Maybe I could even help others out there share what they have to say also.

Author: Aladdin Glasco

Aladdin Glasco is a loving father creating content focused on personal development and creativity.