Let’s Play: HITMAN (PC) Sniper Assassin Mode



So I was convinced to preorder HITMAN 2 yesterday, and the Sniper Assassin game mode was included as an early access reward. I really enjoyed my time playing the mobile HITMAN Sniper game, and look forward to seeing what this main game version has to offer. Then if we have time maybe we’ll jump into more HITMAN.

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Let’s Play: HITMAN (PC) Quick Challenges Stream



There quite a few challenges that I have left to complete in HITMAN. So my objective tonight is to simply and quickly get in, complete the challenge, get out and repeat. Let’s go!

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Let’s Play: HITMAN (PC) Getting Ready For Next Week



In preparation for next week’s HITMAN 2 release, I thought I’d play some HITMAN this week. It’s looking like action adventure games are going through a small renaissance right now. While I don’t think Assassin’s Creed hit the mark, I feel like the HITMAN franchise has always been pretty consistent with improvements and staying true to it’s roots and the fans.

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