Detroit: Become Human (PS4) Beep Boop (Part 4)

Author: Aladdin Glasco / May 31, 2018

We’ve been having some technical difficulties lately with my LIVE broadcasts being cut short. So I apologize for how this may effect your viewing experience. I wish there was some rA9 android that I could pray to who would deliver us from our issues, like in the game. But until our technology is that advanced we will just have to persist while I continue to troubleshoot. Now for more Detroit: Become Human!

Chapter 26: Capitol Park – 8:21
Chapter 27: Meet Kamski – 38:53
Chapter 28: Freedom March – 52:36
Chapter 29: Last Chance, Connor – 1:13:37
Chapter 30: Crossroads – 1:31:09
Chapter 31: Night Of The Soul – 2:07:29
Chapter 32: Battle For Detroit – 2:23:38
Bonus: Goodbye Chloe – 3:28:56
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Detroit: Become Human (PS4) Vive la révolution! (Part 3)

Author: Aladdin Glasco / May 30, 2018

The revolution has begun! Between all three of the main playable characters, there are various levels of rebellion, resistance and inquisition towards humanity’s domination of the androids. Humanity can accomplish a lot when motivated by love, freedom or truth. What self aware androids can accomplish?

Chapter 16: Time To Decide – 10:09
Chapter 17: Zlatko – 23:20
Chapter 18: Russian Roulette – 54:57
Chapter 19: Spare Parts – 1:15:57
Chapter 20: The Eden Club – 1:28:00
Chapter 21: The Pirates’ Cove – 1:54:04
Chapter 21: The Pirates’ Cove (Continued) – 2:03
Chapter 22: The Bridge – 12:57
Chapter 23: The Stratford Tower – 22:55
Chapter 24: Public Enemy – 51:13
Chapter 25: Midnight Train – 1:11:57
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Detroit: Become Human (PS4) My name is… [o_o] (Part 2)

Author: Aladdin Glasco / May 29, 2018

So far, I highly recommend Detroit: Become Human to fans of shows like Westworld, Black Mirror and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. I also think that this game is for fans of the Telltale Games titles and other “choose your own adventure” style games. We are still early in our first playthrough, but I’m currently most interested in the storyline of the android voiced and modeled from actress Valorie Curry. There are also great performances by actors Bryan Dechart, Jesse Williams & supporting cast so far. Let’s see where this adventure takes us tonight!

Chapter 12: Waiting For Hank – 17:42
Chapter 13: On The Run – 56:02
Chapter 14: Jericho – 1:16:58
Chapter 15: The Nest – 1:46:55
Chapter 16: Time To Decide (Incomplete) – 2:14:24
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