Let’s Play: Apex Legends (PC) Ultra Casual



It’s been a while since I booted up Apex Legends, and before I even do, I can already tell it’s going to be bad. People are grinding daily to learn and adapt to the game, it’s updates and the gameplay meta to try to be the best. Meanwhile, I’m over here with 14 total hours like, “GL;HF!”

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Let’s Play: Apex Legends (PC) “Mozambique here!”



I’ve been slacking on my Apex Legends homework of getting better, but hopefully the game’s match making system keeps me from getting stomped too hard. Let’s just hope for some good games and maybe even a couple of wins.

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Let’s Play: Apex Legends (PC) BANG! BANG!



I’m actually really feeling Apex Legends! I’ve played other battle royale focused games and I could understand the appeal while not personally feeling the appeal. I’m still not sure how long this appeal will last, but I’ll keep playing while it’s fun.

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