Let’s Play: Oxygen Not Included (PC) T.G.I.F.



Well, we’re back on another base building binge with Oxygen Not Included! Even though I said that I would look up base building “best practices,” I just kept playing after my last stream and I have a few new ideas…

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Let’s Play: Oxygen Not Included (PC) Survival & Chill



It’s been a while since I’ve played Oxygen Not Included and a few updates have dropped since then. So I’m excited to how this goes and scratch this returning “base building” itch that I have.

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Let’s Play: Katana ZERO (PC) New Game + GIVEAWAY!!!



Ok, let’s try something new! Not only am I going to be playing the new Katana ZERO on PC, I’m also going to give away a $20 Steam Gift Card through Amazon – My $20 Steam Gift Card giveaway through Amazon is LIVE – https://amzn.to/2IEVINc

Now this is my first time running a giveaway using Amazon’s new system, so please bare with me as I learn and understand the whole process. For example, THERE’S A 6 – 12 HOUR PROCESSING WINDOW!!!

So, yeah. We will hope that this is a grossly overestimated time frame. Either way, I will update the description with the giveaway link once it goes LIVE.

Thanks to everyone who shows their support and helps to make all of this possible. Y’all are the real MVPs!

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