Reflecting on the Las Vegas Tragedy

By Aladdin Glasco October 3

After the Las Vegas tragedy on October 1, 2017; I decided to take some time to reflect on this event that killed at least 59 people and wounded over 500.

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Faith and Chaos over Crisis

By Aladdin Glasco April 20

There is no crisis or state of emergency in my household, but there is plenty of chaos that I am able to overcome with hope, faith and perseverance. It has been about three weeks since the birth of my twin boys, Alister & Theodore. And even after my 16-month-old daughter Alyse had returned from the care of her grand parents while my wife and I were in the hospital, and for us to come home to be outnumbered by our children, I have yet to feel truly overwhelmed. See more… “Faith and Chaos over Crisis”