About Me

By Aladdin Glasco October 3

Describing myself in 140 characters: “I’m a married father of three kids; producing commentary and creative content focused on gaming, art, design and general health and fitness.” For the sake of speed and efficiency, this short description of me and my content may be enough for those who need to make a snap judgement on me and my brand. I can accept this because I believe that time is one of the most valuable commodities in our fast paced world, so I understand and appreciate even the smallest amount of someone else’s time and attention. See more… “About Me”

My Business Is My Fourth Child

By Aladdin Glasco June 11

By the time my twin sons were born on March 29 of 2016, I was certain about becoming a stay-at-home parent and attempting to fast track the development of my gaming and creative hobbies into a personal brand and home business. Seven months prior to this, my wife and I were less certain about our future as we first discovered that we were having twins during a routine ultrasound for this second pregnancy. The news about our twins was a surprise for both of us, but since we were already planning to have three children, the shock for me was less about the number of children and more about the rate at which our personal and professional time tables had to be expedited to accommodate our extra workload and financial burden. See more… “My Business Is My Fourth Child”

Getting Back on the Brand Wagon

By Aladdin Glasco March 23

A couple things that I’ve learned developing the MrGlasco brand of commentary and creative content surrounding design, casual video gaming and practical health & fitness since 2013, is that adaptation and innovation are never ending and ongoing processes. This comes with the territory of being online, as the Internet is constantly changing and evolving along with end-user attention and novelty within a community. Additionally, the on-again, off-again execution of my early brand testing revealed to me that adapting and innovating aren’t only for the sake of adjusting to an audience and a market, adapting and innovating my brand has also been necessary to further develop my own self awareness. See more… “Getting Back on the Brand Wagon”