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#PreGaming: DAREBEE Total Abs

By Aladdin Glasco February 3

In an effort to promote a healthy gaming community, I routinely broadcast a fitness workout before my primary broadcast. I call this #PreGaming! For gamers who are interested in associating health and fitness with games and gaming. See more… “#PreGaming: DAREBEE Total Abs”

Let’s Play: Elite: Dangerous (PC), Aimless Exploring

By Aladdin Glasco February 2

[LIVE] Let’s Play: Elite Dangerous (PC), Aimless Exploring

Let’s Play: Kerbal Space Program, Mass Effect SSV Normandy SR-1 Build

By Aladdin Glasco February 1

[LIVE] Let’s Play: Kerbal Space Program (PC), SSV Normandy SR-1 Build (Part 7)