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Let’s Play: My Friend Pedro (PC), PogChamp!



I had my eye on My Friend Pedro before it came out, but I got a lot of Katana Zero vibes. However, the buzz around this game has been mostly positive, so I figured I’d give it a “shot.” After all, Katana Zero was all about close combat and throwable items, even when it came to guns! Now let’s go meet our new friend… 🍌

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Let’s Play: They Are Billions (PC), Still Learning



Let’s kill more zombies in They Are Billions. Hopefully I can use what I learned from yesterday, and complete the first campaign mission on the first try tonight. Then we can explore more of what this game is about outside of learning the fundamentals.

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Let’s Play: They Are Billions (PC), Version 1.0



When the Early Access for They Are Billions first released, I missed out on the initial wave of hype. So when it went on sale, I made sure to grab a copy for when it fully releases. My hope is that I will have a clearer perspective on the game, without the experience of playing it during Early Access.

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