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To Blog or to Medium? Is that the Question?

By Aladdin Glasco May 9

At any given time there are thousands of ways for me to communicate my message to the public over the Internet. So if I consider my options between two platforms like WordPress and Medium, I think that it actually makes the most sense for me to just use both. Aside from personal taste or legal restriction, I don’t foresee too many scenarios where I would be forced to choose one platform over another. With that said, a similar question of choice still remains… Where to start? For this question I like to personally assume that I have already begun work on both platforms, as well as every other platform for that matter. Read more… “To Blog or to Medium? Is that the Question?”

The Long and Short Game of Accountability

By Aladdin Glasco May 1, 2016

We all have responsibilities but I don’t believe that everyone has the integrity to do what is right by those responsibilities when nobody is watching. Not that everybody always does what they are supposed to do when they are being supervised, but I do think supervision is a good hack for committing to obligations in the short term. However experience has taught me that the long term game of being held accountable for your responsibilities is more about self awareness than it is about being watched. Read more… “The Long and Short Game of Accountability”

Faith and Chaos over Crisis

By Aladdin Glasco April 20

There is no crisis or state of emergency in my household, but there is plenty of chaos that I am able to overcome with hope, faith and perseverance. It has been about three weeks since the birth of my twin boys, Alister & Theodore. And even after my 16-month-old daughter Alyse had returned from the care of her grand parents while my wife and I were in the hospital, and for us to come home to be outnumbered by our children, I have yet to feel truly overwhelmed. Read more… “Faith and Chaos over Crisis”