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Let’s Play: Escape From Tarkov (PC) Something New!



I’ve had my eye on Escape From Tarkov for a little while. Even though survival looter shooters aren’t something that I play often, there’s something alluring about this one. Now it’s time to figure out if it’s my kind of game.

So far so good! I can already see the appeal that Escape From Tarkov has over other survival games. In a phrase, the appeal for me is the lack of a persistent world (aside from one’s loot stash). The absence of a persistent world allows different players to cycle through more failures and successes faster, and in a more gratifying way. Even in death, players have the potential to come away with something, whether it’s gaming experience, character experience points, or loot stashed in a “death proof” loot container. While I’m not entirely sure if rage and frustration are completely out of the question in the future, at least we’re off to a good start.

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