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Let’s Play: Star Citizen (PC) Shooting, Dogfighting & Racing



Let’s see what else Star Citizen has to offer by playing a different game modes. There’s Star Marine mode for first person shooting and Arena Commander for dogfighting and racing. These modes should help me become a more competent player in the Universe at large, right?

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Out of all of the different modes available to play in Star Citizen besides playing in the open world Universe mode, I had the most fun with Last Stand in Star Marine mode. There’s slim to no action anywhere else, so I’m sure my judgement weighs heavily on where people where playing.

The dogfighting and racing modes has some potential if it wasn’t for the mild feeling of motion sickness. I feel like it would feel better to fly with joysticks. But either way, I don’t think it’s easy for viewers to watch.

In the end, I at least feel a lot more confident about combat in the open Universe mode. However, I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way looking for a fight.

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