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Let’s Play: Star Citizen (PC) Blind Onboarding



I’ve passively watched some Star Citizen LIVE streams in the past, and I’m familiar with other games in the same genre (i.e. Elite Dangerous and EVE Online). Games like these tend to have a pretty substantial learning curve, and going in blind is not normally advised.

However, I’m curious about the active first person exploration and potential role playing elements of this game. Can I role play as the hopelessly ignorant amateur pilot that organically grows and develops into something more solely within the universe of Star Citizen?

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So the good news is that even without a tutorial and just tip pop ups, I was able to figure out the basics of the game. Unfortunately, what I was able to figure out with little to no help was basically as far in the game you can go before running into the bugs of the game that prevent you from finishing missions or understanding where to go next.

With that said, the rest of the game feels like a blank canvas of impressive potential, with a good foundation of fundamental controls and mechanics. But given the long history of this game’s six year development with so little of the finished product to show for, there’s no tell if or when the game’s potential will ever be realized.

As a new comer, it’s easier for me to be hopeful. But I can understand the frustration of those who have been holding out hope from the beginning.

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