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Let’s Play: Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Turf Wars DLC



Switching things up from our God of War finale, tonight we’re going to play the Turf Wars DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. New suits, new villains, new content, let’s go!

I have to say that while I enjoyed the story of The Heist DLC a little more, I enjoyed playing the Turf Wars DLC content a little more. However, I think my enjoyment may be more due to noticeable tweaks to the game’s overall combat that finally made the game a bit more challenging and thus more fun to play. But I’m not entirely sure this is directly associated with the DLC, or updates to the main game.

The new enemy unit that they introduced in Turf Wars is definitely a combat strategy game changer, especially when they have sufficient backup. While the mini-gun unit from The Heist seemed more like an after thought, or simply a lesser involved addition on the game developers road map for the overall enemy composition in the long term.

Nevertheless, I’m always down to find an excuse to websling around New York as Spider-Man, but there was something different and special about this Turf Wars DLC. The outfit that you choose to wear as Spider-Man is a mostly personal preference, but it can be cool to synergize with the context of a story mission or while side questing.

It’s fun to wear the Negative suit while fighting Mister Negative and his hentchmen, or the ESU suit while fighting crime around campus. But there was a very specific tone and stealth element to this DLC that I felt complimented the Noir suit entirely.

Then there are the new suits, and ones that we have yet to unlock! I hope that they continue to make these suits trendy to wear in future DLC for maximum immersion. Meanwhile, I’ll keep crossing my fingers for other playable characters. Excelsior!

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