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Let’s Play: 7 Billion Humans (PC) “cd Game > start”



Here’s a puzzle game that I was introduced to by DansGaming on Twitch.tv called 7 Billion Humans by Tomorrow Corporation. It’s a fun looking puzzle game with elements of programming and automation. While giving serious consideration towards learning computer programming, let’s see if I have what it takes to handle a game about it.

Well that was interesting. My brain hurts now, but in a good way. Like I just hit the gym for the first time and I’m feeling muscles in pain that I never felt before kind of good. At first I was a little discouraged by my slow understanding of basic programming, but then I reminded my self that it’s a puzzle game that is meant to challenge.

So even after I ended my LIVE stream I kept playing… and playing… and playing. Almost fourteen hours later, I’m wondering how I’m going to make it through the day. Luckily the alertness buzz that the game gave me from thinking so hard for so long carried me through until nap time with my kids.

While this game lacks the excitement and engagement of other games that I’ve LIVE streamed, I still wouldn’t might playing it every now and then to exercise my brain and further gauge my aptitude for computer programming. We shall see…

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