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Let’s Play: Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Spider-Menace



Let’s try playing more of Marvel’s Spider-Man, but this time without any issues! We’re still over-leveled, we’re focusing on story missions and we’re having an awesome time! Go! Go!! Go!!!

Yay, there were no issues with my broadcast tonight! I got pretty far focusing on the story missions compared to previous broadcasts. I also got more skills, more gadgets, more costumes and more side quest for me to be able to play while I’m not streaming. So I’m happy.

On a side note, it does seem that the attention that my last Facebook LIVE broadcast received may have been an anomaly. It all may have just been a lucky share from a random influential Facebook LIVE viewer. Nevertheless, I’m still excited and motivated to grow and develop at whatever pace suits me to get back on the other side of that level of reach and engagement.

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