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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Exploring Ranked Maps



So the last time I played Rainbow Six Siege I felt pretty useless when it came to call-outs and general communication because of my limited operator and map knowledge. While operator knowledge will develop more naturally over time as I use and acquire more operators, I feel like my personal map knowledge requires a more hands on study as opposed to on the fly understanding and adaptation. So tonight we’ll be exploring ranked maps in custom matches.

While I think that theory crafting advanced strategies and tactics in Rainbow Six Siege can actually be pretty interesting. I don’t think basic understanding of objective attack and defense is worth streaming for now.

I may be worth streaming more map knowledge if there is a brand new map that even seasoned players would be interested in exploring, but not so much for existing map the everyone else already knows. So unless you all tell me otherwise, I will just study existing maps on my own time.

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