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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Attack & Defend



So I watched a bunch of YouTube videos about Rainbow Six Siege over the weekend at x2.0 speed. I’m not exactly sure what I learned, if anything at all. Let’s see if I play better, worse or the same.

So I think my weekend cram session studying Rainbow Six Siege operators, maps and strategies was a mixed bag of both helping and hindering my gameplay. When the time called for it I was more conscious of my operator picks and approaches to our objectives. Other times I was overthinking meta strategies for operators, team compositions and maps without adjusting and adapting to my teammates abilities and play styles.

Overall, I think I did better after I warmed up enough and let my instincts take over. So I feel like it would be beneficial to have future study sessions as my experience grows and I have greater context for the advice and suggestions that I encounter. With all that said, we’re level 20 now and it’s time to play our ranked placement matches. *gulp*

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