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Let’s Play: Rainbow Six Siege (PC) Learning Operators & Maps



Now that we’ve started playing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer, I’m trying to focus on learning the strategy and mechanics for using operators and navigating maps. While I have watched some YouTube videos explaining operators, strategy and certain map angles, I couldn’t retain much without the necessary context of experience. So let our learning curve grind begin!

So I think that we’re starting to get the hang of standard operating procedures for operators and map navigation. We just lack the experience for optimized specialization. I also feel like I’m learning how the objectives are generally configured, and then adjusting according to allied operator choice and play style.

I want to say that we won more than we lost, and most of the time I played a medium to large role on both offense and defense. While I’m still learning the maps I don’t mind playing more basic operators to anchor/breach around the objective. I’m looking forward to learning more.

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