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Let’s Play: The Wolf Among Us (PC) Let it Snow… (Part 3 – Ending)



Without spoiling any more than The Wolf Among Us episode previews show, it feels like we are entering our second act (middle of the story). Snow White is about to be on a war path, which is right up Bigby Wolf’s alley. Or do we try steering her away from getting her hands dirty? Things being done in the dark have come to light, and even though I’m sure that there is still a lot more to the whole story. There is plenty of evidence to start taking more drastic action.

There’s a lot to unpack from playing through three episodes at one time, and then reaching the conclusion of the story. I feel like this game just might be my favorite Telltale Games game next to The Walking Dead Season One. I personally felt like The Wolf Among Us left me wanting to have more of an emotional connection to my character and others, like in The Walking Dead. However, I also feel like The Wolf Among Us excelled in it’s resourcefulness when it came to being creative with the source material, and had me thinking with my head verses my heart.

Now there is some skepticism on whether or not there will be a sequel in 2019. I look forward to replaying The Wolf Among Us leading up to such a release, or after any official cancellation. Either way, I feel like this series was deserving more attention that it has received. Here’s to hoping for more adventures like this for us to share in the future.

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