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Let’s Play: Detroit: Become Human (PS4) [o_o] (Part 1)



I didn’t have the best start to 2018 regarding LIVE streaming. My last broadcast was on January 3rd. Now almost five months later, I’ve only just begun to scrape together some form of a production workflow. Being a stay-at-home dad to three children under 4-years-old means that my schedule and energy level are always different from one day to the next. As everyday is different, everyday also offers the potential for my kids to learn something new about themselves and the world around them.

So it seems appropriate for me to play Detroit: Become Human at this time. Not only will there be parallels between my children and the exponential learning of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that could lead to the fall of human civilization! But much like the stories from recent shows like Westworld, Black Mirror and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, there’s room for empathy, compassion and evolution on all sides. Or at least this is what we want ourselves to believe for now.

Chapter 1: The Hostage – 14:33
Chapter 2: Opening – 36:18
Chapter 3: Shades Of Color – 40:01
Chapter 4: A New Home – 52:05
Chapter 5: The Painter – 1:22:34
Chapter 6: Partners – 1:48:10
Chapter 7: Stormy Night – 2:17:27
Chapter 8: Broken – 2:28:05
Chapter 9: The Interrogation – 2:33:12
Chapter 10: Fugitives – 2:47:41
Chapter 11: From The Dead – 3:20:30

My First Impression

Wow! this game looks good. I don’t know how much I’m missing out by not having a PlayStation 4 Pro, but it looks and runs great. The controls can get a little funky, as the camera controls are the same as directional interactions and can accidentally be triggered. Otherwise, the quick time events made sense with the actions being performed and were less arbitrary than my previous experience in other games.

I also appreciate Detroit: Become Human’s commitment to having real consequences for failed quick time events, general decision making or the lack of exploration. Experience has conditioned me to think of my choices in games as superficial details, while the only possible ending options are good, bad and zero-sum/neutral. So far, this game is setting itself up to have a wide variety of endings, however if previous games like this have taught us anything, it’s that even the greatest stories can be filtered and funneled back into cliche ending options of no consequence. Nevertheless, I’m hopeful and looking forward to playing more of this game.

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