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Let’s Play: Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (PC), Getting Over 2017



Happy New Year! As we celebrate the potential of a brand new year, we reflect on the previous year to see where we succeeded and where we can improve. While this is a productive use of dwelling on the past, I believe that we must ultimately “get over it” and move beyond our past triumphs and failures. This isn’t easy an easy task; much like this game.

This game definitely lived up to it’s reputation for being difficult and punishing. Nevertheless, I was able to tap into the deeper zen-like state of gameplay, that ends up feeling like a guided meditation.

Learning the mechanics of the game was part muscle memory and part reverse engineering the game developers design intent. Over time the difficulty mostly came from the trying to precise with the controls, and a chronic wrist injury that made it painful to strain while maneuvering the mouse.

I can see me returning to this game to try to beat the game, but I need to keep my wrist in mind with the demand of controlling the mouse.

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