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Random Games & Demos (PC), Playing Unplayed Games



We’re taking a break from Fallout 4 VR to play some games that I’ve installed but have yet to play. Particularly, I’m going to play a hand full of games that I picked up from the Autumn Sale. Meanwhile, the Steam Winter Sale is already upon us, and tempting me to buy even more games that I don’t have the time to play.

But if the price is right… 😈

My Office, Gym & Gym Specs:

It was nice to finally dive into some games that I’ve had installed since the Steam Autumn Sale. These smaller indie titles would have been harder to stretch for a full 3-4 hour LIVE stream without either the gameplay or absence of a story.

Over the course of the night each game brought something different to offer among the three. Beat Cop offered the most interesting story, while the lacked in early game gameplay strategy and mechanics. Inversely, Bomber Crew had the most complex and engaging gameplay but zero story. Meanwhile, SteamWorld Heist provided the most balance between interesting story and gameplay. I’ll continue to play more of my unplayed games on my next LIVE broadcast.

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